5 Wrong Ways to Use The Baby Stroller, Harm The Baby!

Baby strollers, almost every parent will choose for their children. In many cases, it is really convenient to take a baby out with a stroller. So many children use the stroller, and if improper operation, there will be safety hazards.


01. Covered tightly with a blackout cloth

The summer sun is very hot, and parents often like to cover it with a blanket when they take their baby out in a stroller.

Originally, he was kind enough to "shelter the wind and rain, sun and cool down" for the child, but he didn't know that doing so would actually harm the child.

Just like when a car is exposed to the sun and you suddenly open the door, you will feel a heat wave. The baby stroller covered with a blanket has no air circulation, and the heat accumulates. Even under the same conditions, it will be 15 ℃ higher than that without a blanket.

01. Covered tightly with a blackout cloth

Thinking about how the children are sweltered inside, dehydration and heat stroke are not impossible.

What's more, parents may not be able to pay attention to their children's performance in time because they are covered by blankets.

Now many strollers will send mosquito nets or sunshades, so the open design that can observe every move of the child is worth recommending.


02. Never hit the brakes

Many strollers use swivel wheels for ease of use, but this can also cause the stroller to slide freely around.

Therefore, there is a brake device on the wheel of a regular baby stroller, and the parents step on it lightly with their feet, and the wheel is fixed and locked.

Even so, there are still many parents who just don’t step on the brakes, thinking that it’s okay to put it flat or against the wall, and directly let their hands off the stroller, or even divert their attention to other things.

In just a few minutes or even a few seconds, the baby stroller may start to slide due to an unstable center of gravity, a slight inclination of the ground, an air pressure difference caused by driving a car, etc.

Never hit the brakes

Crashing a baby stroller into a wall is less of an issue than getting hit by a car, being swept under a train, or sliding into a pond.

Some parents may not even know what happened to their children; some parents may watch all this before their eyes, but they are powerless.

There have been two examples: the mother parked the stroller on the side of the road, turned around to buy something, the small ramp made the car slide down, a large truck just passed by, and ran over the stroller directly, The child died on the spot, it is really worrying!

Grandma was washing vegetables by the river, and the baby stroller didn't step on the brakes, because of the baby's small movements and the ramp, the car fell directly into the river. Fortunately, the baby was rescued by a passerby who jumped into the river and saved the baby's life.

Never hit the brakes

So I sincerely suggest to all parents: no matter how long your stroller has to be parked, step on the brakes to ensure safety and try not to let go of your hands, so that you can pull back the stroller immediately.


03. Not wearing a seat belt

The baby stays in the stroller, and sometimes plays and makes big moves. If there is no safety belt, the child may fall out of the stroller and be injured.

On the contrary, parents spend a little time to fasten the baby's seat belt. Even if the stroller is overturned, the child will not roll off and fly, which greatly reduces the risk.

In addition, parents cannot allow the child to stand in the stroller, so as not to cause the center of gravity to tilt and roll over.

As long as the child gets used to the seat belt from an early age, the safety seat will adapt faster in the future when riding in the car.

Not wearing a seat belt


04. Push the stroller up the escalator

Whether it is a shopping mall or a hospital, parents should not push the baby carriage up and down the escalator, and try to find a straight elevator to ride.

The step width of the escalator is too narrow for the stroller. Parents are easily blocked by the car body and ignore the fact that the wheels are not placed smoothly on the steps.

With the start of the escalator, people have inertia and will unconsciously tilt forward and backward.

When the two factors are added together, the result is that either the parents fall with the stroller, or the stroller rolls down the stairs with the child. Either way, it will be fatal to the fragile baby.

In fact, the escalator safety guidelines clearly stipulate: Do not push wheelchairs or baby carriages on the escalator.

But in real life, there are still many parents who push the car and even leave their children in it.

If you have to use the escalator, please ask the parents to push the stroller and hold the baby alone, or fold the stroller first to avoid danger.

04. Push the stroller up the escalator


05. Use the stroller as a storage basket

When taking the baby out, parents need to carry many items with them, such as water bottles, feeding bottles, diapers...

In order to reduce the burden on parents, many strollers have racks around the bottom of the cart.

It is not a big problem to put these lightweight small objects, but what afraid is the parents that after shopping in the supermarket, they will directly hang backpacks and heavy objects purchased from the supermarket on the baby stroller, which will cause the center of gravity to be unstable and cause the car to roll over.

05. Use the stroller as a storage basket

Suggestion: Parents put heavy objects in a lower position and close to the rear wheels, do not hang items on the armrests, and the total weight of items should not exceed the limit of the cart.

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