Are Baby Playpens Safe? How to Choose A Baby Playpen?

Baby playpens can prevent your baby from accidentally falling or coming into contact with unsafe items. For babies who are learning to crawl and stand, playpens can provide a safe environment to avoid accidents. 

Baby playpens can place children in a relatively clean and hygienic area to prevent them from crawling around and coming into contact with dirt or poor hygiene.

Baby playpens can help babies focus inside the playpen instead of crawling everywhere and playing around, which helps them learn new skills and focus on developing their cognition and creativity.

For babies who are crawling and learning to walk, a baby playpen is an effective protective measure that provides them with a safe, clean, and focused environment. However, parents also need to note that the fence should not restrict the baby's free activities for a long time, and should give the baby time and opportunities to move freely in a timely manner. At the same time, parents need to always pay attention to the baby's status and promptly discover and deal with the baby's problems.

Are Baby Playpens Safe? How to Choose A Baby Playpen?


Choice of baby playpen

Plastic material has a stable structure, and moderate elasticity, is waterproof and moisture-proof, has a light texture, is easy to store, has rich and diverse shapes and colors, which can meet the baby's requirements for multiple colors, and has high-cost performance. Plastic is currently the most popular style on the market. The main material of crawling fences on the market is plastic. Common raw materials are generally made of BPA-free HDPE and PP environmentally friendly plastics.


The wood material has high permeability and wear resistance, and the surface is easy to polish and glossy. It does not need to be colored. The original wood color is very beautiful and does not need to be painted. The overall weight is large and the protective capability is strong.
It also has certain disadvantages, that is, it has a hard texture and is not rounded. If a child accidentally bumps into it, it will be easily injured, especially a child who has started to walk. Moreover, solid wood play fences are relatively heavy, and most of them are not removable, heavy, and difficult to store and move. The storage environment requirements are relatively high and a dry environment is required. A humid environment is prone to moisture and mold.


The fabric material is soft and lightweight, easy to store, and easy to use when going out.
The disadvantage is that pure fabric is easy to bend and stained with dust. It is not as easy to clean as plastic, and the stability is also poor, supported by V-shaped and X-shaped structures.
There is a risk of catching the baby's head and hands. The overall weight is light and the protective ability is weak.


PU leather
PU leather material is soft in texture, anti-fall, lightweight, and versatile. The main reason is that the structure is unstable, the space is closed, and the permeability is poor.

Are Baby Playpens Safe? How to Choose A Baby Playpen?

Baby Fences are not necessary, but they are not useless either. You should decide whether to buy based on the actual situation of your home. But it should be noted that the children's playpen does not replace the company of parents, so parents cannot always let their babies stay in the playpen to play by themselves, but they should also play with them more often~

Also, if you want to buy it, buy it as early as possible. If it can be used for the first child, buy it as soon as possible. You can continue to use it for the second child. Once you've passed the learning-to-walk stage, don't buy it. It's unnecessary and a waste.

Are Baby Playpens Safe? How to Choose A Baby Playpen?

The first thing to consider when choosing a children's playpen is safety.

Products must pass authoritative certifications such as national 3C certification to ensure that babies use them without any health problems.

Be sure to choose a brand with guaranteed quality. The higher the edible safety level of the plastic, the better. Babies will inevitably be curious to chew it as they grow older. Some Sanwu brand plastic fences are dull and dark in color, and some may contain impurity particles. These must be avoided.

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