Are Baby Strollers Necessary?

A friend asked if it's necessary to buy a baby stroller, when is the best time to buy a baby stroller? Is it ready before the baby is born, or after birth?

A stroller is a good tool for walking, it can free the hands of parents, and the baby will feel more at ease. Many mothers don't know whether to buy a stroller in advance when they are preparing their delivery bags.

I heard many mothers say that they bought a baby stroller, but it has not been used for a long time, and it is all dusty. However many mothers also said that it is very convenient to use the stroller when they are discharged from the hospital.

What should you consider when buying a baby stroller? Let's take a look together.

Consider the season

My eldest baby was born in spring at that time, and I bought a baby stroller before the baby was born. Our idea is to wash it in advance and let it dry to eliminate chemical odor pollution and prevent harm to the baby's health. But in fact, I didn't use the stroller even once in the first month. I don't go anywhere during the confinement period, so I concentrate on confinement at home and taking care of the children.

In fact, it is not suitable for a child in confinement to go out, because his immunity is weak and he is prone to infection when he goes out frequently. Newborns eat and sleep more than 20 hours a day, and there is no point in going out to play.

Newborns urinate a lot, more than 20 times a day, and 7 or 8 times a day are rare, and they need to be dealt with in time, and it is inconvenient to go out. So buying a car early is not very meaningful, it just takes up space.

It wasn't until 3 months later that my baby's eyesight develop better, his spine strength increased, and the outside temperature was also suitable, so we took him out to play in a stroller.

white baby stroller

Generally speaking, babies who are out of confinement will only be taken out to play, and only when the temperature is suitable. So if the baby's birth season is spring, after the confinement period, the weather will get warmer, and you can buy a stroller in advance.
If the baby is born in the cold season and it is still not suitable to go out after confinement, don't rush to buy it, and it will not be too late to buy it when the weather turns warmer.

black baby stroller


Consider whether there is a friend gift problem

Now when a child is confined, they have to drink full moon wine, and some have to treat guests several times. Here we have a treat when the child is full moon, and once when the child is over a hundred days old. When entertaining guests, relatives, and friends who want to send some gifts, many friends will choose to send baby strollers in consideration of practical issues.

We received two baby strollers during confinement, one was given by the hotel where we treated guests, and the other was given by my husband’s colleague. The styles of these two cars are different, one is a luxury car that can sit and lie down, and the other is a light cart that can only sit on.

This way, we don't need to buy a stroller at all. The first baby stroller can lie down, we have used it at home after the confinement period. The second stroller can only be used after 6 months of the second treasure, so it has been idle for several months.
Therefore, considering this issue, there is no need to buy a stroller in advance before birth.

blue baby stroller


Consider the problem of driving

This kind of stroller is equipped with a carrycot. When leaving the hospital, let the child sit in the carrycot and put it in the car to ensure the safety of the child.

After confinement, taking the baby to take a bath and vaccination will take a car, and a baby carrier will also be used. When I took my second baby to take a bath, I saw a father carrying such a carrycot, and the baby lay safely in the car.

This kind of basket can not only be used as a sleeping basket but also can be used as a car safety seat, which is very convenient and practical, you can consider buying it.

grey baby stroller

baby car seat


Consider cleaning issues

The current big-brand strollers don't have any special smell and can be used directly. If you want to be more at ease, you can buy it a few days in advance before your child goes out, wash it with a washing machine, and dry it before using it.

My point is that there's no rush to buy a stroller, and you won't need it in the first place. Just buy it when the spring is warm and the baby wants to go out to play, so as not to waste it.

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