How to choose a baby car seat?

For your baby’s safety when traveling, a baby car seat is really essential! But there are so many products, it’s really confusing. What aspects do you pay the most attention to when choosing a safety seat?

Choosing a car seat for your baby is the most controversial topic among families after giving birth! This topic is about what should we pay attention to when buying a safety seat.

The Safety

First of all, regarding the safety of the seat, we will pay attention to whether there is a China 3C certification, European ECE certification, or Australian Sabelt FIA official certification, etc. Regarding the seat belt, it is best to use a 5-point safety belt. Regarding the security interface, it is best to support the ISOFIX interface in both forward and reverse directions, which should be convenient and fast. Regarding the seat material, solid injection molded material is better.

How to choose a baby car seat?

Seat technology

At the same time, the seat must have a side impact anti-collision device, and the installation direction of the seat should preferably support both forward and reverse installation, and can be rotated 360 degrees! The seat fabric should be comfortable, soft, and breathable. The best seat angle is 145 to 160 degrees from front to back! The height of the headrest should be adjustable at any time so that it can adapt to the height of different ages!


When I choose a safety seat, I mainly pay attention to its interface safety performance, testing standards, seat technology, shock-absorbing materials, and seat belt protection methods. In addition to the above, when choosing a child safety seat, you must also consider the usage scenario. Taking into account factors such as the weight and volume of the safety seat, as well as the space for the baby to move when he grows up, the rotatable type will occupy more space in the car. And the weight is higher.

Regarding the budget for purchasing a safety seat, it is actually safe, cost-effective, and suitable for your baby. The safety of your baby is more important than anything else, and a safety seat is a must!


Below are the points when I chose the baby car seat

With safety certificate

First, there must be at least ECE (European Safety Testing, Safety Assurance) and CCC (Chinese Quality Testing, Quality Assurance) guarantees. Now Europe has a higher standard of testing I-SIZE (ECE-R129) and the most stringent ADAC in Germany. If you have enough budget, the higher the better.


With a five-point safety belt

Second, a five-point safety belt is a must. Nowadays, almost all safety seats on the market are popular. Pay attention to the material of the contact surface between the shoulders. Some are not made of fabric. Although they are non-slip, direct contact with the skin is really uncomfortable in summer.

With a five-point safety belt


ISOFIX installation is required

ISOFIX is a metal rod that connects the safety seat to the car, unlike seat belt fixation. In the event of a collision, the seat belt-fixed seat will move forward, but the distance is very small, about 2 centimeters. ISOFIX basically does not move, and the stability will be higher.

ISOFIX installation is required


Regarding the fabric

Fourth, regarding the fabric, it would be great if it had an exhaust system to solve the problem of babies being stuffy in summer.
But if you don’t choose exhaust ventilation, I personally don’t think it will have much impact. After all, there are mats in the summer, and long sleeves and long trousers are worn in spring, autumn, and winter, which basically won’t come into direct contact with the skin.
So in fact, whether it is comfortable or not, I don’t think it matters much, but if it is waterproof and oil-proof, it will be better. If not, it is better to be removable and washable.

How to choose a baby car seat?

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