What are the best baby strollers?

When choosing a stroller, what do you value most?

The stroller is an important travel tool for babies. With it, it will be much more convenient for mothers to take their babies out. So, when choosing a stroller, what do you value most?

It has been raining for many days recently, and I am very lazy when it rains. I don’t want to take my baby out, but I can go shopping in the mall, from one parking lot to another. Regarding baby strollers, the following points are what I am more concerned about.


1. It can be folded

See if it can be folded. The baby stroller I use can be easily folded. It is heavier than a small stroller, but I have no problem carrying it downstairs with one hand.

One-key folding stroller


2. Humanized design

Whether the design is humanized. This design of my home is humanized, considerate and safe. It has the function of double brakes, which can be braked with a light step; It also has a five-point seat belt, which can ensure the safety of the baby (the baby will turn over, especially love to be in the car toss and turn inside and out, so be sure to fasten your seat belt); The two-way seat can be converted, which is very simple and convenient. Has SUV-rated suspension tires. I have been praising it, pushing it to be very stable and smooth, and the baby sleeps very peacefully in it.

One foot brake and 5-point harness
two way pushable

3. Appearance is also very important

For me, appearance is also very important. If the stroller looks good, the color is very foreign, and the details are well done. It is very suitable for sisters' gatherings, weddings, or events. It is a fashion item for hot moms.

blue, black, white color stroller
Khaki, grey, light grey color stroller

4. Flexible and lightweight

When I buy a stroller, I am most concerned about whether it is flexible, light, safe, and easy to store.

A friend of my mother-in-law gave me a stroller before, but because the child grows fast, the stroller is not spacious, and it is not easy to move. It can only lie down, it is very heavy to push, and the steering is not flexible fold.

Therefore, at that time, I always wanted a spacious, sitting and lying together. With a viewing angle that allows the baby and mother to see each other. Flexible steering, easy storage, foldable, and easy to push. Then I took a fancy to the "Magic ZC" stroller. After buying it, it is really easy to use, it fully meets my requirements, and the price is also high.

multifunctional stroller

5. Safe and easy to store

When go outside to play, if the baby dozes off, you can use the stroller as a bed, and your baby can lie in it. Your baby can also sit on the stroller, if you are afraid of unsafe sitting up, there is also a seat belt buckle. The bottom basket fully meets the storage needs.

Wear more in winter, and you don’t have to huddle together. In summer, it’s more spacious and you can see. When I lived in a stair room before, the only downside was that it was too heavy and it was inconvenient to move up and down. After living in the elevator room, even this trouble is gone.

Safe and easy to store

6. With adjustable shed

The sunshade of this stroller is also very powerful, and it can almost completely cover it. When it meets the sun in winter, it can be completely covered temporarily. In summer, I can only use this to block the light when he is sleeping in the mall. For me, this stroller fully meets my needs. It can be folded and put in the trunk when riding in the car. In this way, if a person travels with a baby, it will be much more convenient.


7. Acceptable price

As a hiker, my favorite thing is to push my baby everywhere, so I pay special attention to the stroller. There are too many choices of strollers, and the prices are also different. I will

choose the one that quarrels with my husband.


8. Adjustable backrest

For babies aged from 0 to 12 months, it is very important whether the stroller can lie flat. Because the spine of a newborn baby is very fragile, it is necessary to see how much it can lie flat. Some cars can only go to about 150 degrees, and it is best to go to 170 degrees lying flat.

With Adjustable backrest stroller

9. Shock absorption effect

Check whether the shock absorber of the stroller is good or not, which is directly related to the comfort of the baby sitting in it. Many other mothers said that the bigger and heavier the car, the better the shock absorption. But there are some exceptions for local luxury cars...

Baby stroller shock absorption effect

10. Others

For mothers who love to go shopping, the storage space under the cart is also worthy of attention. Others, such as the possibility of external snack holders and cup holders, can be considered as additional considerations.


For babies over one year old, more attention should be paid to lightness and ease of handling. After all, the baby will be able to walk at this time, and the number of times to get in the car will be much less. At most, he is too tired to walk, so he will go up and sit.

Before my baby was born, I bought a stroller for my baby. I didn't know anything at the time, so I randomly chose a cart on a certain treasure. After buying it, I found out that the comfort level is nothing to say, but it is too bulky. Once you need to take the stairs, there is no way to get through. Because it is too heavy, I can't move it.

Not long after, her aunt gave her another baby stroller. This stroller is lighter and looks good overall. The only drawback is that it is more troublesome to fold the stroller. With experience, I will be less sloppy in choosing a cart.



Here are three key points I will pay attention to when choosing a stroller for my baby:

1) Firstly, because it is for babies, the most important thing is to consider the safety of the stroller. The center of gravity should not be too high, and it is best to have a five-point safety belt so that the baby is not easy to fall.

2) Secondly, it should be light, easy to fold and store the car, can be easily put into the trunk of the car, and does not take up space at home.

3) The last is comfort. Only when sitting comfortably, the baby will not make trouble when sitting on it.

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