Which stroller is good for baby?

The stroller is an essential tool for the baby to travel. If it is expensive, it will hurt a little. After all, if you don't have a second child, it will be 2-3 years at most, and the baby may not want to sit. But buying cheap ones and worrying about safety issues, in case of a safety accident, is not worth the candle.


Two-Way Stroller: Exploration Mode, Parent-child Mode

When the baby is younger, the parent-child mode is more convenient for parents to observe the baby's situation, and the baby can see the father and mother at any time, and it will feel more secure. After growing up a bit, the baby will be more willing to see the outside world more and can use the exploration mode more. So if you want to buy only one stroller to meet the needs from birth to 3 or 4 years old, the two-way design still makes sense.
At present, there are two common two-way realization methods, one is reversible sleeping basket, and the other is pull rod reversing.


Reversible baby seat

The reversible baby seat is to lift the entire seat and change direction forward and backward. This type of stroller can generally be matched with sleeping baskets, sleeping bags, and car seats of the same brand because the principle is the same, just hang it on. Usually, the front wheels of this type of cart are universal wheels, and the rear wheels are directional wheels (the diameter will be larger), and the pull rod is not movable, so it is more stable to push.


Pull rod reversing

To change the direction of the pull rod is to directly push the pull rod forward or backward, and the direction of the cockpit is reversed. In terms of convenience, the lever reversing is easier to operate. However, some mothers also reported that this type of car has been used for a long time, and frequent reversing may make the tie rod a little loose (of course, it also depends on the quality of the brand). Moreover, this type of car needs to be equipped with four universal wheels of the same size (otherwise it will be difficult to push after changing directions). It is very flexible to push, but it may not be so stable.

Pull rod reversing


The High Landscape Has Advantages and Disadvantages

Many mothers are pursuing "high-landscape" when buying a car. Generally, the cockpit is more than 50cm from the ground and can be called a high-view car. Most of the strollers now support the adjustment of the angle of the back, so no limitations high-landscape carts can only lie down. High-landscape stroller also has some distinct advantages:

1) It can be used as a dining chair, in case there are no baby chairs in restaurants and cafes.
2) The parent-child interaction distance is close, for the pusher, the bending range will be less
3) It has strong aesthetics, and it is cool when pulled out.
4) The storage space in the lower part of the cockpit is generally relatively large.

As for the emphasis of some high-landscape on "letting children inhale less car exhaust", I don't think it is so conclusive and credible, and the difference between high and low is only a few centimeters.

It can be used as a dining chair


If you want to buy a high-landscape stroller, the following questions need to be investigated:

1)❎Portability. Some high-view vehicles are relatively heavy in themselves. If it exceeds 10kg, it may be difficult to carry it with one hand.
2)❎Large size. After folding, the volume is not small. If the trunk of the car is small, it may take up more than half of the car. This may also result in that the stroller cannot be carried on the plane and can only be checked.
3)❎One-handed folding is not supported. If the mother goes out alone with the baby, if she encounters stairs or takes a taxi, not being able to pick up the car with one hand will also add a lot of trouble.


Shock-absorbing ability, Don't just look at the wheels

The quality of the shock-absorbing function will determine the impact of road conditions on the baby's car experience. Including whether it can pass through some relatively small potholes, thresholds, and steps smoothly. The shock absorption function is generally realized in these ways:

Wheel suspension shock absorbers.

Most of the carts are equipped with springs on the wheels to increase cushioning. But some have all four wheels, and some only have the front wheels.
Wheel material and size. The material elasticity, wear resistance, thickness, and anti-skid design of the tire will all affect the shock absorption effect. Generally, the larger the size of the wheel and the thicker the tire, the better the shock absorption effect.

Wheel suspension shock absorbers.

Frame suspension shock absorber system (central suspension system).

In some high-end strollers, the frame shock absorber design is also relatively common, which is equivalent to adding another insurance to the simple wheel shock absorber.
Choose a stroller with better shock absorption performance that can handle more road conditions.

Frame suspension shock absorber system

Whether the stroller is light or not will seriously affect the willingness to go out

This is also the voice of many mothers. In terms of appearance, many light cars may not be eye-catching at first. But when it comes to practicality, I really hope that the lighter the better under the premise of safety!
Look at the weight. Usually, a car with a self-weight of less than 7-8kg can be called light. It is no problem for mothers to carry it for a while with one hand, and some can even carry it on one shoulder.
Look at the convenience of retracting the car. It can be opened by shaking it, and it can be closed by pressing it. This is not impossible!

Look at the volume of folding.
If you want to take your children out to play frequently, the volume of the car after closing is also a factor that must be considered. After all, the space in the trunk is very precious.

Look at the volume of folding.

How old can the baby sit, not only depends on the load but also on the width of the basket.

If the width of the stroller is not enough, the fatter child may not be able to sit down before the age of 4 or sit very awkwardly. The width of the basket ranges from 31cm to 40cm, the gap is quite large. Therefore, when purchasing, you should not only look at the load bearing but also look at the width of the basket to consider the future practicality and comfort.


The baby's willingness to sit in the baby stroller.

In fact, people who have experienced it have already realized that many babies are not willing to sit in a stroller after 2-3 years old, especially male babies, because they already have the ability to move, they may not be able to sit still. When you grow up, there are many small cars to choose from, such as balance cars, tricycles, scooters, and twist cars... Even if you want to use a car until you are 5 years old, if your baby sees so many cars in the community, he may not clamor for it. So there is no need to be too wishful thinking on this matter.


Backrest tilt angle

Most strollers are designed with three adjustable gears (some portable carts may only have two gears), flat position, semi-recumbent position (anti-spit-up), and reclining position, but the angles are slightly different. The lying position can also function as a diaper table at a young age. It is very important outdoors or indoors without a mother and baby room, and 175 degrees is better than 180 degrees to prevent spit-up. The buckle adjustment is also more stable than the drawstring adjustment.


Backrest tilt angle


Seat front design

In order to prevent the baby from falling forward, the handle can be rotated on one side, the T-shaped handle can be laid down, or the buckle can be opened and closed. It is better to use this kind of one without completely taking down the front gear because it is necessary to hold the baby at the same time, there is no spare hand to hold the words.

Seat front design


Braking method

Most strollers use a brake pedal in the middle of the rear wheel bearing, one step and two brakes on the rear wheel, which is very convenient; some use four wheels to brake alone, which is not so convenient, But the brakes are more stable

Braking method

Seat belt

Most strollers use five-point seat belts, and some more user-friendly ones use magnetic buckles, use more comfortable and skin-friendly fabrics, or have more gears that can adjust the width and length of the shoulder straps.

Seat belt

Storage function

Is the capacity large enough? Can it be disassembled for cleaning? Most of the carts use open storage baskets, some with zippers, some with closure designs, and some with bag hanging, storage methods vary from person to person. But whether it can be disassembled and cleaned is still very important. In case the child leaks urine, spits up milk, or eats something in the car, it will be a headache if it cannot be disassembled.



The frame material is generally aluminum alloy, and some cars use magnesium alloy, which is more shock-resistant and lighter.
The sunshade mainly depends on the shaded area, whether the fabric is sun-proof (refer to UPF value), waterproof, and whether there is a top skylight, so that the stroller can observe the baby's situation in the exploration mode.

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