Large Baby Playpen Sturdy Safety Baby Play Yards with Breathable Net

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Large Baby Play Yards, Indoor Outdoor Kids Activity Center with Anti-Slip Base, Sturdy Safety Play Yard with Super Soft Breathable Mesh, Kid's Fence for Infants Toddlers. Our baby playpen can provide your baby with a...

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Large Baby Play Yards, Indoor Outdoor Kids Activity Center with Anti-Slip Base, Sturdy Safety Play Yard with Super Soft Breathable Mesh, Kid's Fence for Infants Toddlers.

Our baby playpen can provide your baby with a safe and fun play space. When you need to take care of your baby and have no time to do housework, work, or rest, you can safely put your baby in the playpen and free your hands.

Large Baby Playard


Key Benefits

【High-quality materials, sturdy structure】The baby play Yards are made of durable double-layer Oxford cloth (built-in anti-collision cotton) and steel pipe, connected by a thickened triangular structure, and a strong suction cup at the bottom to ensure that the fence is stable and does not move;

【Breathable mesh, external zipper】The side of the baby playpen is designed with breathable mesh, which does not block the baby's sight, and the mother can also take care of the baby and interact with the baby in any time; the zipper door design prevents the baby from climbing out of the fence;

【Scientific height, safe and comfortable】The baby fence is specially designed for babies from 6 months to 6 years old, with a safe height of 66cm, the baby cannot turn over the fence and you can let your baby grasp the fence to learn to stand and walk;

【Free your hands and enjoy life】the Baby playpen can provide your child with a safe and spacious space for activities, the baby can play by himself, and parents do not need to take care of the baby all the time, they can free up their hands to do their own things;

【Easy installation and disassembly, a wide range of applications】The baby play yards is easy to install, has no tools required, and can be easily completed in a few minutes. The disassembly is also the same, without any difficulty, and it is easy to carry after disassembly, which is very suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Key Features

1. Baby's Freedom Playground

A baby playground that makes mothers feel at ease, the baby can crawl and stand without getting knocked over. Keep all her toys in one area away from the pets. It can accommodate multiple babies to play, give babies a private space, and exercise their ability to be alone.

Baby's Freedom Playground


2. Eco-Friendly Fabric

The fence is made of thick and dense Oxford cloth, which is wear-resistant, compressive, soft, delicate, not afraid of babies biting, and has no peculiar smell.

Eco-Friendly Fabric


3. Safety Breathable Mesh

The baby playpen is carefully designed, double-layer Oxford cloth, built-in anti-collision cotton, which keeps the baby safe, sturdy structure, and prevents the fence from moving. Breathable mesh design, so the child can see the mother from multiple sides, and the mother can also interact with the baby at any time.

Safety Breathable Mesh


4. Strong Mesh Surface, Effectively Relieves Impact Force

Double-needle sewing and routing effectively prevent the mesh from falling off. 0.2mm mesh cloth, large elasticity, impact resistance, and pressure resistance, not afraid of scratching.

Strong Mesh Surface, Effectively Relieves Impact Force


5. Intimate Cotton Cover

The inner liner is covered with cotton on the upper layer, and all the interfaces are covered with fabric, so that the baby can play safely, without fear of the baby bumping, and the mother can do housework with confidence.

Intimate Cotton Cover


6. 66cm scientific height

According to the baby's physiological and behavioral characteristics, we specially designed a safe height 66cm for babies aged 6 months to 6 years old play yard. The mesh has no leverage point and does not block the line of sight. It is safe for babies to play, stand and crawl.

66cm scientific height


More Details of Baby Playpen

1. Zipper Door Design

The single door can be placed at will, and the external zipper can prevent the baby from running out and falling accidentally.

Zipper Door Design


2. Intimate Storage Net Bag

There is a small net pocket for intimate storage outside, which can put the mother's mobile phone, tissues, small snacks, baby's feeding bottle, small toys, etc.

Intimate Storage Net Bag


3. With 50 Ocean Balls

The play yard comes with 50 ocean balls. Babies love balls very much, throwing them and picking them up is fun.
The color matching of the ocean ball is soft and beautiful, rejecting aesthetic fatigue.

With 50 Ocean Balls

Product Specifications

Product name

Baby play yards

Main material

Oxford cloth, plastic, steel pipe, sponge

Suitable age

0-6 years old

scope of application

Home interiors, shopping malls, playgrounds, parks, schools


Baby Playpen Size

Package List

1 × Baby playpen
50 × Ocean ball
2 × Hand pull ring
1 × Storage bag
1 × Basketball hoop

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great in a small space

I love this playpen! We originally bought a rainbow-colored hexagon structure from Target (I hated it), and then I found this in Magic zc store! It is light enough to vacuum under, obviously without your child in it, and can easily be lifted and set against the wall to make room quickly. I love that it fully contains my baby and isn’t a hideous rainbow color. I also like that I can manipulate it around the room quickly. The only cons are it does not break down easily, but since we use it EVERY day this isn’t a problem for us. Also great price! I put a foam mat in the bottom for cushion which really helps my little one when rolling around.

Was expecting bigger but lightweight and easy to put together

It was so easy to put together, I expected bigger but I also didn’t read the dimensions. It’s true to size, It’s great to use outdoors or indoors, moM friendly when being put together. I was able to squeeze his baby bed inside (he sleeps in bed with me, I put his baby bed in there for naps)

Product Type

Baby playpen

Main material

Stain steel pipe, plastic, Oxford cloth, sponge

The Height of playpen


Suitable age

6 months-6 years old

Applicable places

Home interiors, shopping malls, playgrounds, parks, schools

Package includes

1 Baby playpen, 50 Ocean balls, 2 Hand pull ring, 1 Storage bag, 1 Basketball hoop

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