Baby Rocking Chair with Bluetooth Music Speaker and 5 Swaying Gears

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Baby Rocking Chair Swing Baby Cradle Infant Bouncer Baby Portable Adjustable Motorized Rocker with Bluetooth Music Speaker and 5 Swaying Gears Preset Lullabies and Smooth Remote Control (001-grey)   Key Benefits 【Smart Remote Control Cute...

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Baby Rocking Chair Swing Baby Cradle Infant Bouncer Baby Portable Adjustable Motorized Rocker with Bluetooth Music Speaker and 5 Swaying Gears Preset Lullabies and Smooth Remote Control (001-grey)


Key Benefits

【Smart Remote Control Cute Toys】 With smart remote control, no need to get up to coax the baby. The baby swing is equipped with 2 cute plush toys to attract the baby, reducing the pressure on parents to coax the baby, and freeing parents' minds and bodies.

【Preset Lullabies and Bluetooth MP3 Player】 Preset multiple soothing lullabies, gently soothing the baby before going to bed to let the baby have a sweet dream; this baby rocking chair also has Bluetooth and USB connection options, which can play soft baby music and cultivate baby’s musical talent.

【Safety and Comfort】 Advanced 5-point safety belt and protective tent will keep your children safe and protected; Adjustable chair back, U-shaped headrest, and soft sleeping pad design will all keep the baby comfortable and relaxed.

【Five-gear Swing and Three Timing Modes】 Five swing gears, simulating mother's hands; Suitable for baby's swing amplitude and frequency, allowing baby to sleep more peacefully and comfortably; 15-30-45 minutes three timing modes, which can be adjusted at will. Mother is more worry-free after setting the stop time.

【Consumer Services】 Our team will provide you with 7*24 technical support. Any problem please feel free to contact us.


Product Features

Three Modes of Baby Reclining Cradle to Meet the Needs of Baby Growth

(1) Sleeping basket mode: Give the baby a quiet environment, the baby is easier to fall asleep.

Three Modes of Baby Reclining Cradle to Meet the Needs of Baby Growth


(2) Baby seat mode: Free the mother’s hands, comprehensively exercising the baby’s eyesight and grasping ability, letting the baby grow up in play.

Baby seat mode:


(3) Child seat mode: The swing bed can easily switch the seat mode in one second, and the pull rod under the back of the baby rocking chair can adjust the angle.

Child seat mode:


5 Gear Angle Swing Selection + 3 Gear Timing

With our 3-in-1 multifunctional infant bouncer seat, will provide a comfortable spot for your baby to rest and play next to you while you're working on your things. Featuring 5 different gear electric swings with 3 different timing settings, parents are now allowed to choose their preferred motion mode and settings by controlling the remote control.

5 Gear Angle Swing Selection + 3 Gear Timing


Bring Several Soothing Music

This electric baby rocking chair comes with a music-playing function, so you can play any music you like while soothing your little one to sleep. 

Bring Several Soothing Music


Carefully Designed to Meet the Baby's Needs

The best part of all, our best electric baby swing rocker chair is made up of premium metal materials that are sturdy and durable to support your baby's weight and ensure long service life. The selected soft fabrics are also breathable and gentle on your baby's delicate skin, to create a safe and comfortable sleeping space.

(1) USB MP3 Music Playing Function: Insert U disk, play MP3 music and play as massive music as you like.

Carefully designed to meet the baby’s needs


(2) Mobile phone Bluetooth music playing function: Bluetooth music, cultivating baby music talent. You may connect with your mobile phone via Bluetooth to play your own tunes. Simply adjust the volume of music depending on your preferences by turning it up, down, or off.

Mobile phone Bluetooth music playing function


(3) Two power supply modes

Electric baby reclining cradle with two kinds of power supply modes, the work is not limited to the power socket

① Power supply: suitable for 5-12V, 1-2A, (this product does not include charging head).

② Battery power(four batteries, not configured for this product).

Two power supply modes


More Detailed Design

(1) Removable awning and mosquito net: Give the baby quite space, free from mosquito interference.

(2) U-shaped headrest: Fit the baby’s skin and maintain the baby’s head shape.

More detailed design


(3) Five-point safety buckle: Prevent slipping, better ensure the safety of the baby.

(4) Soft sleeping mat: Make baby feel more comfortable

5 point safety buckle


(5) Cute toys:Cute plush toys, the baby no longer boring.

(6) Side mesh design:Breathable mesh design to keep baby’s head air flowing

Side mesh design


(7) One key lock,easy to handle.

(8) Hard base plate:Protect your baby’s spine.

Electric Baby Bassinet


(9) Adjustable seat back: Fully meet the needs of baby’s life and growth.

(10) Multi function control panel: Multi-functional use, different experience

Electric Baby Bassinet


Electric Baby Roking Chair Size

3-in-1 Electric Baby Reclining Cradle size

Package Includes:

1 x Electric Baby Infant Swing Rocker Chair
1 x Mosquito Net
2 x Toys
1x Padded Cushion
1 x Remote Control
1 x Power Cord
1 x Manual Guide Book

Important tips

1. The baby rocking chair needs adult installation;
2. Please read the manual carefully before installing and using the product;
3. Carefully open the package and take out the product for installation;
4. Check the product frequency for damage, missing, or lose parts;
5. Don’t use damaged or broken products;
6. If necessary, please contact the manufacturer to provide replacement accessories and instructions.
7. It is forbidden to use other items instead of accessories;
8. This product is not for babies to sleep, if your baby needs it, you should put your baby in a comfortable crib or other sleeping bed.

Customer Reviews

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I couldn't wait to open it when it arrived. It didn't disappoint me. The quality of the baby rocker chair is very good and the appearance is quite high. A product worth buying, the workmanship is fine, better than expected.

Product Type

Electric Baby Rocking Chair


Premium Stain Steel, Cloth Fabric, ABS


26.3(L) × 29.9(W) ×31.8(H) inch

Net Weight of baby Rocker Chair

11 LBS

Load Weight

44 LBS

Net weight of baby Rocker Chair


Gross weight of baby Rocker Chair


Package Size


Suitable Age

0-3 Years Old

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