Are Baby Playpens A Good Idea?

There is some controversy about baby playpen. Some mothers believe that baby fences will restrict their babies' freedom and their ability to explore freely. Some mothers believe that it would be more worry-free and safer to put their babies in a playpen.


Is A Baby Fence Necessary?

Some parents generally do not use playpens for their babies because they believe freedom is very important. There is nothing wrong with this concept. If possible, it is naturally good to let children move freely at home. But in real life, the necessity of a baby playpen depends on the specific circumstances of each family.

When babies learn to crawl, their energy is so high that they crawl here and there, maybe under the table, or under the bed, there is no place they don't go.
This requires parents to keep an eye on the baby to avoid accidents. It’s really exhausting both physically and mentally at the end of the day~~

At this time, we need a baby fence to create a safe area for the baby to play freely. Research shows that using an indoor playpen will not only not limit the baby's exploration power, but will also make them more focused.

Baby playpen


Are Baby Playpens Safe?

Because for babies, the complex external environment can easily attract their attention, but it can also easily distract them. After using the baby playpen, the baby can focus on their favorite toys in a free and safe space.

Especially for mothers who are raising their babies independently, the baby fence is really a magical tool. They no longer have to worry about the baby crawling into dangerous places, no longer have to carry the baby to the toilet, and no longer have to carry the baby to cook and eat with difficulty. Now, mom can even take a moment to look at her phone while her baby is concentrating on playing. It’s super liberating, isn’t it?

My child is now two years old and the children fence indoor has not been removed. Although it can no longer contain them, I have used the plastic baby fence to separate the living room and put a slide inside.

If your home has a large space, you can try to buy a larger playpen for your baby to give your baby more space to move around. Since the baby playpen can obstruct the baby's view to a certain extent, it is best not to leave the baby in the playpen for a long time.

baby playpen

Often taking your baby out for a walk in a place with a wide field of vision is beneficial to the development of your baby's vision.

If your home conditions permit, you don’t need a baby playpen. Check all dangerous places in your home and eliminate them.

There should be as little furniture as possible, and some low cabinets and the like should be fixed. Safety measures must be taken on drawers, windows, sockets, corners of hard objects, etc. The floor should also be kept clean so that the baby can move freely around the house safely. Safety always comes first.


Notice When Choosing A Baby Playpen

When the baby can crawl, he is really crawling around, touching this and that, and even touching some dangerous things, which makes people scared.

For mothers who raise their babies independently, the ground playpen for kids is a magical tool. It can give the baby a playground of his own, where he can not only interact with his mother but also play with his toys freely.

Pay attention to the material of the baby playpen, because babies in the oral stage will chew the fence, so pay attention to the fact that the fence material does not contain BPA, dimethyl phthalate, and other harmful substances.


Choose a regular manufacturer
The original intention of the baby fence is to protect the safety of the baby. If you choose a fence with poor workmanship, the railings are not smooth enough, and have burrs that may scratch the baby, then the gain outweighs the loss.


Pay attention to gaps
In a fence-type playpen, the gap between the railings should not exceed six centimeters, otherwise, the baby's hands and feet may be caught. Just like the railings of a crib, they should be no larger than 6 cm.


If the fence is used on the floor, pay attention to its anti-slip properties and promptly check whether any parts are loose.

Nowadays, there are many brands of baby playpens, and they are becoming more and more exquisite, and there are also many good-looking ones. However, no matter how you choose, please remember to choose a high-quality and safe one for your baby.

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