How to choose a stroller? It's enough to read this

Nowadays, the baby stroller has become a must for every family with a baby. In order to welcome the arrival of the little life, many expectant mothers or mothers-to-be will actively buy daily necessities for their babies. But the dazzling array of baby products also makes many parents "lost" in the purchase of supplies, such as the baby carriage we are going to talk about today, how to buy a baby stroller? It is a headache for parents and mothers. In order to help parents and mothers solve problems, today I will introduce the current baby stroller in detail.


High View Stroller vs. Umbrella Stroller

High-view stroller

Suitable age: Small-month-old baby.

Features: Large body, can sit and lie down, spacious.

Advantage: The seat is high, so you don't get tired when you bend over; it is convenient to take care of the baby, especially feeding the baby, changing diapers, etc.

Disadvantage: It is relatively bulky, generally 10kg, and it is more laborious to pick it up.

Umbrella Stroller

Suitable age: Babies over 6 months who can sit independently.

Features: easy, portable, and lightweight.

Advantage: The seat is high, suitable for some high-view scenes; it is suitable for traveling alone with a baby, with a one-key car collection, lightweight, and easy to carry.

Disadvantage: Small space, weak shock absorption effect.


Things to pay attention to when choosing a baby stroller

01. Weight

If you live on a floor with an elevator, parents don't need to consider the weight; if you live on a floor that requires stairs, you need to choose a lighter stroller. Determining the weight of the stroller is related to the use of materials and the functions provided. It is necessary to make a trade-off and choose the one with more complete functions within the acceptable range.


02. Seat belt

There are three types of seat belts for baby carriages: 2 points, 3 points, and 5 points. In general, a 3-point seat belt design is sufficient, of course, a 5-point seat belt would be better.

How to choose a baby carriage


03. Shock absorption performance

The shock-absorbing performance of the baby carriage can be selected according to the size of the wheels, the material of the wheels, and the number of wheels. The big wheel is higher than the small wheel, the PU is higher than the rubber, and the four wheels are higher than the two wheels.

Shock absorption performance


04. Brake system
Generally divided into one-foot double brake and single wheel brake. It is recommended to choose one foot and two brakes, which is more convenient.

How to choose a baby carriage


05. Material selection
Of course, the more expensive the material, the better. Generally, there are magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy, steel pipe, and iron pipe. It is recommended to choose aluminum alloy or above.


06. Handlebar adjustment
Choose a baby carriage with adjustable handlebars for different heights, so you don't have to lift or hang your arms when pushing.

How to choose a baby carriage


07. Seat space
Generally, the width of the baby car seat is between 32 and 42. If the baby is relatively fat, you can choose a relatively spacious one, and the comfort of the baby should be the main priority.


08. Awning
Generally, the awnings of strollers are adjustable, the difference is that the maximum supported range is different, so try to choose the one with the largest covered range.


09. Detachable armrest
The design of the armrest is to ensure the safety of the baby, and the disassembly is to facilitate the parents to carry the baby out of the stroller. Generally, the stroller supports this function.


10. Storage space
Strollers with storage space are convenient for parents to store baby-related items, such as feeding bottles and diapers, when they travel with their babies. Generally, the storage location is under the seat or on the side. If there is no storage space, try not to hang items on the car, so as not to fall and hit the baby.

How to choose a baby carriage

11. The whole vehicle can be disassembled
It is convenient for post-cleaning to ensure that the baby seat area is dry and clean.


Precautions for using baby strollers

1. Before using the stroller, you need to conduct safety observations, such as whether the parts in the car are loose, whether the seat area is flexible and usable, and whether the brake function is flexible. Before using the newly purchased stroller, it is recommended to place the stroller in a ventilated place for 1-2 days to disperse the smell.

2. When the baby is sitting in the carriage, be sure to fasten the waist seat belt, and it is best to leave 3 cm at the end of the adjustment part.

3. When the baby is sitting in the stroller, parents should not leave at will. When you have to leave or turn around, you must fix the wheel brakes and confirm that they will not move before leaving.

4. Remember not to lift the baby with the stroller when the baby is still in the stroller. The correct way is to hold the baby in one hand and the stroller in the other.

5. Do not lift the front wheel, use the rear wheel alone to push, It is easy to cause the rear frame to bend and break. Do not use the stroller in stairwells, elevators, or places with large height differences.

6. When walking to push the baby carriage, if the baby falls asleep, the baby needs to be laid flat to avoid overloading the waist.

7. Don't let the baby stay in the stroller for a long time, which will cause the baby's developing muscles to be overloaded. The correct way is to let the baby sit for a while, and then the parents pick it up and hold it for a while, alternately.

Only good baby products can escort the baby's growth! I hope this introduction can help all the parents.

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