Are Toddler Bed Rails Necessary?

Toddler Bed Rails, also known as side rails or cot sides, are widely used to reduce the risk of falls. Although not suitable for everyone, they can be very effective when used with the right bed, in the right way, for the right person.

Are Toddler Bed Rails Necessary?

Today I would like to share with you these toddler bed rails and see how to choose a baby bed rails.

Baby Bed rails have always been controversial, as they can get stuck in the baby's hand or cause the baby to fall into gaps, etc.

Faced with this situation, I would like to say that as long as you choose the right bed fence and install it correctly, there is no safety risk, and the sooner the bed rails are installed, the better. Don’t wait for the baby to fall before installing it. Many friends around me and my colleagues waited until the baby fell and then regretted not installing it earlier!

The bed rails in our home were selected after many comparisons and selections on the Internet, and I finally chose this “Small Night Sky” bed rail.

Are Toddler Bed Rails Necessary?


When choosing a bed fence, pay attention to the following points:

First look at the material and brand

Try to choose qualified products from well-known brands when using things for your baby. This bed rail is made of safe fabric that does not contain fluorescent agents. Even if your baby is in the oral period, you are not afraid of him chewing the mesh. Because children really love to bite everywhere.
Moreover, the mesh pattern is three-dimensionally embroidered, which is more environmentally friendly than ink printing and will not fade or leave a residue.

Are Toddler Bed Rails Necessary?


Look at the stability and support of the fence. Is there a risk of hand entrapment?

This steel frame is widened and thickened. My baby has not swayed since he learned to roll over and is now standing with support.
There is a safety anti-seam tape underneath, which pulls in reverse, so there will be no gaps. I really can't even put a finger on it. There is no chance that the baby will fall into the gap or get his hands pinched.

Are Toddler Bed Rails Necessary?


See if the bed rail is convenient to use.

This bed rail can be raised and lowered on one side and can be operated with one hand while holding the baby. It is also very convenient for getting in and out of bed.

Another thing that I feel best after using it is that the bed rail lifting rod can be lowered, so that you can sit beside the bed without pressing the rod. It does not affect getting in and out of bed at all.

Are Toddler Bed Rails Necessary?



Look at the bed rail height

As the baby's age increases, our demand for the height of the crib increases. This one is 27 inches high and can be used by babies from birth to 3 years old.

The above is my experience after using the bed fence for half a year. This bed fence really has no shortcomings after using it so far. It also looks very good and can match the general decoration style. With it, my family will never have to worry about it. No need to worry about your little one falling out of bed!

Are Toddler Bed Rails Necessary?

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