Do I Need A High Chair for My Baby?

When your baby is 6 to 7 months old and can sit, you can buy a baby high chair for your baby.
The World Health Organization clearly recommends that babies start adding complementary foods when they are 6 months old, no earlier than 4 months, and no later than 8 months. Generally speaking, parents can prepare a baby high chair in advance before adding complementary foods to their children.


Is it necessary to buy a baby high chair?

Helps babies develop the habit of eating independently

Not to mention whether parents have a good habit of chasing after their children to feed them, let’s just say that nowadays parents don’t have that much time to chase after their children all the time. A baby dining chair can provide children with a fixed place to eat, help children establish awareness of dining, free up parents' hands, and also facilitate babies to grasp food by themselves, exercise hand-eye coordination, learn to eat independently, and develop good living habits.

Provide a safe and comfortable dining environment for children

The stability, overall size of the baby high chair, the size of the seat cushion, and the inclination design of the backrest must meet the growth and development standards of infants and young children. It not only allows the child to have a comfortable dining environment, but also prevents the child from holding chopsticks and spoons. Potential safety hazards caused by running around.

Of course, because many baby high chairs can only be used until about 4 years old, parents and friends may think it is a waste if they are no longer used. Moreover, some children's high chairs do not have a storage function, which may also deter some parents.

However, compared with these shortcomings, the healthy growth of our children is what we parents are most concerned about, and there are corresponding products that can solve these shortcomings.
Therefore, it is still recommended that families with children buy one.


What should you pay attention to when purchasing a baby chair?

When purchasing a baby highchair, the most important things to pay attention to are safety, comfort, functionality, and convenience.


(1) Is the material safe?

Today's baby chairs mainly use four materials: plastic, wood, metal, and leather.
Most of the infant chairs on the market are still made of plastic and wood. You should pay attention to the following points during the selection process.

Plastic material: It should comply with environmental protection and safety standards, preferably edible grade plastic, and have no sharp edges. Especially the dinner plate, which is most frequently touched by children, should be made of food-grade PP material and does not contain BPA.

Wood material: Try to choose environmentally friendly solid wood materials without paint. Pay attention to the craftsmanship to be smooth and without barbs.

Metal material: Whether the paint and coating are smooth and standardized.

Leather material: Whether there is any peculiar smell, whether it is clean, hygienic, and easy to clean.


(2) Is the structure safe?

The baby high chair must have high stability and cannot roll over sideways or backward.

At present, the mainstream stability designs of baby chairs include triangle type, four-legged type, and Z-shaped type.

Generally speaking, the triangular structure is relatively stable and easy to store. The four-legged structure is also very stable, but takes up more space. The Z-shape is easier to tilt backward after being pushed.

(3) Are the safety functions complete?

The most basic safety equipment for a baby high chair should be a safety belt, either 3-point or 5-point, with the 5-point being the best, especially one with a reclining function.

Some baby chairs with more functions must have roller locking devices if they are equipped with rollers; if they have a folding function, pay attention to whether there is a safety lock to prevent the baby from accidentally touching it; if the dinner plate is removable, pay attention to whether the fixation method of the dinner plate is stable.



A good baby chair should make the baby comfortable, so that the baby is willing to sit in the dining chair and eat well.

The basic requirements are to provide good back support for the baby and have footrests that are about the same height as the baby.

The best choice is a dining chair with adjustable height and backrest angle, which can be adjusted according to the child's growth and provide a comfortable environment for the child.

Backrests and seat cushions: Try to choose materials that are comfortable and easy to care for, so they can be easily cleaned when children spill food on them.

Seat Width: Seat width also affects comfort. The width of the seat should be appropriate, preferably around 30-33 centimeters, so that it can wrap the baby without being too tight.

The position of the dinner plate: The position of the dinner plate should be appropriate, which is both comfortable for the child and convenient for the baby to eat.



The functions of different baby ;high chairs are not consistent. Here are some common functions.

These functions can make the baby chair more comfortable and suitable for different eating scenes.

Foldable: Foldable infant chairs can save space, especially for small families, and are a highly recommended feature.

Vertical height adjustment: The height adjustment function allows parents to adjust the height of the baby dining chair to a suitable position, such as adjusting it to the height of the dining table, which is very friendly to children of different ages and sizes.

Backrest angle adjustment: Different backrest angles can be used in different scenarios, allowing the toddler chair to expand its functions when eating, resting, and breastfeeding.

Movable: For the sake of stability, most baby chairs are bulky. If they have a movable function and can be adjusted with the backrest, they can turn into a stroller in seconds, allowing you to place your child within sight at any time.

Foot pedal adjustment: Foot pedal adjustment not only makes the child feel safe, but also gives the child a better experience based on the child's height.

Small tables and chairs: Some products have this function, which can turn baby chairs into tables and stools, improving the use rate of dining chairs.



Mainly reflected in whether the high chair is easy to clean.

When babies learn to eat independently, they tend to spread food everywhere, so some designs that are easy to clean are necessary.

Removable dinner plates: Dinner plates are the hardest hit area. Non-removable dinner plates can only be cleaned by wiping, while removable dinner plates can be cleaned directly in the sink.

Removable seat and backrest: Rice and soup are also easily spilled in these places, so the removable and washable backrest and seat cushion can keep the dining chair hygienic.


Three recommended baby high chairs

Baby Booster Seat

Price: $46.99

Load-Weight: 20kg

Material: Food grade PP

Reasons for recommendation: The advantage is that it is light and easy to store, and the total weight is only 2.15kg, which is very suitable for use when traveling. The functions are also complete, with four levels of adjustable height, a removable dinner plate, a three-point buckle, and anti-slip rubber at the bottom.
The disadvantage is also obvious, it needs to be used with tables and chairs. If you want to take one with you when traveling, this one will definitely meet your needs.


Baby High Chair

Price: $89

Load-Weight: 25kg

Material: Food grade PP, stainless steel, PU seat cover

Reasons for recommendation: In terms of safety, the large chassis and three-point safety belt make the baby safer. The whole chair is made of glossy material, and you can use wet wipes or water to clean the baby's battlefield after eating. The dinner plate can be folded with one click and can be adjusted even when holding a baby with one hand. The setting width and inner depth are both 36cm, so even a slightly fat baby can sit comfortably. The dinner plate can be adjusted in three levels, and with the combination design of the double-layer dinner plate, you can eat and play. Moreover, it can be folded after use and turned into a low stool for children to sit and read. The price is over 80usd, which is very cost-effective.
The disadvantage is that the structure is relatively simple and the texture is not as good as the multifunctional dining chair.


Baby High Chairs Booster Seats

Price: $89

Load-Weight: 25kg

Material: Carbon steel, food grade PP, PU leather, high-density sponge

Reasons for recommendation: Can be foldable, easy to store, and with wheels, it can be used as a baby's toy car. The dining chair is easy to install and very stable. With the safety strap, you don’t have to worry about falling off. Equipped with double-sided dinner plates, the dinner plate has 4 levels of adjustment and is easy to disassemble and clean. Can be fixed to an adult's chair.

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