Infant Stroller Shock-Resistant Pram Stroller for Newborn and Toddler

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High Landscape Infant Stroller  This infant stroller can sit or lie down, the 4 wheels of the stroller have shock-absorbing springs, and it is suitable for babies aged 0 to 3 years old. The seat...

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High Landscape Infant Stroller 

This infant stroller can sit or lie down, the 4 wheels of the stroller have shock-absorbing springs, and it is suitable for babies aged 0 to 3 years old. The seat angle is adjustable, 180° is suitable for lying down, 150° is suitable for reclining, and 105° is suitable for babies over 6 months old to sit.
The stroller supports two-way promotion, and the direction of promotion can be changed by changing the direction of the bassinet.
The stroller can be folded with one click. There is a button on the handle. Press the button to fold it.


About This Item

【Function】 The stroller can be used as a bed for babies aged 0-6 months. In addition, it can be replaced with a seat suitable for children aged 7-36 months.

【Glowing point】 Only one hand can change the cradle to the seat position, and only one step to brake or release the stroller, strong and wear-resistant.

【More features】 high enough to protect your baby from dust, can be paired with a dining table like a chair, and the canopy can be adjusted according to the weather

【Stroller accessories】 The wheels have some shock-proof springs that can protect the baby's brain and are convertible, and the baby can face the world or the back to the mother.

【Sitting and lying can be used】 babies and toddlers can use it, easy to use on all terrain, sitting and lying freely


Send Six Gifts

After you place the order, you can get six gifts: A mommy bag, cushion, mosquito net, summer mat, rain cover, and cold foot cover.

V9 2 in 1 baby stroller gift

Product Features

Thicken and Bold Aluminum Alloy Tube

Luxury gold sandblasting process, anti-corrosion, no rust, no fading, high strength, slippery and cold resistance.

baby pram with thicken and Bold Aluminum Alloy Tube


Double Layers Quilted Linen to Keep Warm

The baby stroller cover uses the ultrasonic cutting craft, and pressure stitching craft, it's thick and warm, soft and comfortable.

Double Layers Quilted Linen to Keep Warm


Baby Can Sit and Lie Down

Two-way 100cm high landscape stroller, your baby can sit or lie down, and do whatever you want.

Stay away from car exhaust and geothermal heat and cold, and travel healthily and comfortably. If the baby is tired, or sleepy, he can sleep for a while, it is a mobile crib.

the 3 in 1 baby stroller can lie and down


One-Key Folding

High-landscape stroller supports one-key folding that can be closed with one hand, so you can easily and quickly collect the stroller without any pressure while holding the baby.

V9 stroller is one key folding


MPV Baby Crib

Comfortable and large space, not crowded
Baby's first-class crib, tired and sleepy, just sleeping for a while, mobile crib.

MPV Baby Crib


10.63-inch 27cm sports car grade large EVA wheels

10.36-inch large EVA wheels in all road conditions, no tire blowout, no fear of tire puncture, no driving worries, wear resistance, anti-skid, shock absorption, good passability, non-inflatable EVA wheels.

10.63-inch 27cm sports car grade large EVA wheels


Adjustable Shock Absorption Strength

SUV off-road level four-wheel shock absorption system.

According to the different road conditions, the appropriate shock absorption strength.

You can adjust the appropriate shock absorption strength to make the cart more stable, comfortable, and safe during the push.

Adjustable Shock Absorption Strength


More Details 

Five-point buckle One-button release, five-point safety belt. Contains two shoulder pads and front crotch pads to increase the safety and comfort of the baby's seat.

One foot and two brakes: Double brake with one foot, fast braking is safer.

baby stroller with Five-point buckle


Removable armrest: PU leather armrest, can be disassembled on both sides, which is convenient for the baby to enter and exit, and the leather cover is easy to clean, just wipe it clean.

Zippered shed: Zippered panoramic sunroof, can be opened and closed according to needs, convenient to observe the baby's movement, ventilated and breathable.

baby stroller with removable armrest


Increased basket: Increased shopping basket, large-volume shopping basket, easy to carry when traveling, shopping in one basket.

Bite-resistant leather armrests: PU leather case, dirt-resistant, and non-slip.

baby stroller with increased basket


Baby Stroler Size

2 in 1 baby stroller size


High Landscape Infant Stroller 2 in 1 Specification:

Product Name

Luxury Infant Stroller

Applicable age

0-3 years old

The inner width of the sleeping basket


Sleeping Basket Inner Length


Seat from the ground


Folded size


Stroller net weight


Stroller gross weight



Package List

1 set of high Landscape Infant Stroller

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
João Gonçalves
Seller never sent the item

Seller never sent me the item, and never replied to any of my contact attempts

The stroller recline feature is great

The stroller recline feature is great for when my baby falls asleep on the go. I can adjust it without disturbing him.

Product Type

2 in 1 Luxury Infant Stroller

Frame Material

Aluminum alloy

Bassinet Material

Double Layers Quilted Linen

Wheel Type


Stroller Bassinet Inner Size


Folding Size


Net weight of stroller (with bassinet)




Suitable age

0-3 years old

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