Are ISOFIX Car Seats Safer?

This article introduces what is the ISOFIX interface. Knowing what ISOFIX is, it is not difficult to understand why you should use an ISOFIX device.

The ISOFIX interface solves the problem of users not knowing how to install it.

Each manufacturer has different ways of fixing the safety seat with the vehicle's three-point safety belt. Some are easier and some are more complicated. If you don't study and practice carefully, it's easy to get confused. Many buyers are still afraid of how to install it. ISOFIX solves this problem. ISO is the International Organization for Standardization. Every manufacturer adopts the same standards, the installation method is unified, and it is simple and convenient. Generally, there will be no mistakes in use.

ISOFIX uses a metal rod to connect the safety seat to the car, different from seat belt fixation

In the event of a collision, the seat belt-fixed seat will move forward, but the distance is very small about 2 centimeters. ISOFIX basically does not move, and the stability will be higher.


Do safety seats have to use ISOFIX to be the safest?

In fact, 0-3 years old is the first stage of safety seats. The safety of safety seats fixed with safety belts cannot be questioned. If you can install and use the safety seat correctly, you can rest assured, there is no need to use an ISOFIX safety seat.

However, 3-12 years old is the second stage of the safety seat, and the necessity of using ISOFIX device is very important. With the ISOFIX device, the safety seat for ages 3-12 is fixed to the car, making the safety and stability even higher.


Is ISOFIX more secure?

It can be said with certainty that ISOFIX is safer, otherwise, ISOFIX would not have been invented and designed.
The design of safety seats will become safer and more humane, and the protection of children will be more comprehensive. Among the safety seats on the market now, those with ISOFIX interfaces are mainly those for ages 9 months to 4 years old, and 3 years old to 12 years old; there are also many carriers for 0-1 year olds that can be equipped with ISOFIX bases.


How to install a safety seat with ISOFIX

1. Take out the child safety seat and pull out the ISOFIX integrated interface from the back base.

Are ISOFIX Car Seats Safer?


2. Take out the latch interface from the storage bag on the back of the seat. If there is no latch interface in the car, it is not necessary.

Are ISOFIX Car Seats Safer?


3. Find the isofix interface mark in the car and insert the isofix guide groove.

Are ISOFIX Car Seats Safer?


4. Align the ISOFIX of the seat with the guide groove. After inserting it, pay attention to whether the side indicator system changes from red to green. If it turns green, it means the installation is secure. If it is still red, it needs to be reinstalled.

Are ISOFIX Car Seats Safer?


5. Open the latch interface behind the rear seat of the car, open the latch interface of the seat, then pass the latch interface of the seat through the gap in the seat headrest, connect it to the latch of the car, tighten it, and pay attention to whether the indicator system changes. 

Are ISOFIX Car Seats Safer?


Are ISOFIX Car Seats Safer?


6. Pass the car seat belt through the seat and buckle it.

7. Fix the seat belt connecting the belt in the red position and pull it a few times to determine whether it is loose.

8. Open the five-point safety belt, and adjust the headrest and shoulder straps of the seat to a suitable position for the baby. Done!

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