What Are The Best Baby High Chair?

What Are The Best Baby High Chairs? How to choose a baby high chair? Does it need to buy a baby chair? These questions are what many parents ask. Bear children don’t like to eat, and they have to chase after their buttocks to feed every day. This is a problem that many mothers worry about. The reason is very simple. It is because parents have not trained their children to sit on a dining chair to eat alone.

Some mothers think that there are so many chairs in my house to sit on, do I still need to buy a baby dining chair? It's not necessary, is it?
This idea is wrong!

The baby high chair can not only help your baby develop good eating habits but also let you get rid of hundreds of rounds of feeding battles every day. More importantly, the baby eats in an independent sitting position. Through continuous practice, it can exercise hand-eye coordination and promote brain development.

The baby chair allows the baby to have an independent seat and space from the beginning of learning to eat, which also reflects the attitude of parents to treat the baby seriously as a member of the family. At this time, most babies have learned to sit alone, and it happens to be when the baby starts to add complementary food. At this time, it is necessary to buy a baby dining chair.

But there are too many brands and styles of baby dining chairs on the market, how should mothers choose? Today we will teach you how to choose!



Safety and stability are the first choice

Bear children are mostly active by nature, and they seldom sit honestly in the dining high chair. This requires the stability of the dining chair to be very high, otherwise, it is very dangerous to fall from such a high dining table. Therefore, to prevent accidents, the stability of the dining chair is the most important!


Dining Chair Stability Test

Some baby High chairs add rollers to the four feet for easy movement, which is convenient for movement, but the stability is greatly reduced, and it is still a bit dangerous when adults are away. So when purchasing, be sure to try whether the four legs of the dining chair are stable and firm.

Common baby dining chair structures on the market generally include four-corner, A-type, and Z-type structures. Generally speaking, the A-type structure will be more stable. Moreover, the thicker the stool legs and the more materials used, the safer it will be.

What Are The Best Baby High Chair?


Choose the baby chair with a five-point seat belt

Five-point seat belts are the best choice. The seat belt should be strong, and the buckle should be easy to buckle and untie. It must be strong, and it cannot be easily broken free by the baby, which will be very dangerous. At the same time, the buckle should not be too tight, and a moderate amount of space should be given to the baby.

What Are The Best Baby High Chair?


Cushion material selection should be safe and convenient to clean

Bear children are active and playful by nature, so they must not behave well when eating. It is very exhausting to clean up the mess after eating, so parents do not choose fabric dining chair cushions!

Choosing waterproof materials such as leather or PU can save you from the bitter sea of scrubbing. In this way, even if there is a little oily dirt, it can be cleaned with a light rinse of water after each meal, and there is no need to scrub it every time.


The choice of the dinner plate should choose food grade

The baby at home often spills food all over the plate when eating, and then the baby will grab the food spilled on the plate and eat it again. Therefore, the safety of the material selection of the dinner plate is particularly important!

If the dinner plate you buy is made of wood, parents should pay attention to whether the surface is painted, and whether it is painted with food-grade environmental protection paint. If the dinner plate is made of plastic, we should pay attention to whether it is food-grade plastic, such as PP, and whether it contains bisphenol A.

What Are The Best Baby High Chair?

Well, after I share so much knowledge about baby high chairs today, everyone should be able to choose a safe and suitable baby dining chair.

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