Infant Car Seat


Of all the items you’ll need for a baby in the first few years, an infant car seat and a stroller are undoubtedly some of the most important. They help you get from point A to point B with your little one safely and securely in tow.

They also tend to be some of the more expensive baby items you’ll be purchasing. That’s where a travel system can come in handy.

  • ISOFIX Car Seat Base

    Robust ISOFIX base for connecting to infant and child car seats in ISOFIX cars.Maximum safety and stability by connecting the ISOFIX connectors to the car's ISOFIX system and the height-adjustable loading leg. With an indicator...

  • €39,00

    Baby Stroller Basket Infant Car Seat Baby Carrier is a basket-type safety seat suitable for babies from newborn to about one year old. It can be understood as a transitional safety seat. It is portable...

  • €119,99

    Baby Car seats and boosters provide protection for infants and children in a crash. Before you make that cautious, white-knuckled first drive home with your new baby, you need to be armed with the proper...

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