Baby Stroller for Toddlers Travel Foldable Pushchairs with Car Seats

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Baby Stroller for toddlers, the frame uses excellent durable thickened aluminum alloy, and it's foldable. The pushchair with adjustable backrest. This luxury high landscape portable travel stroller is designed to provide your child with maximum...

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Baby Stroller for toddlers, the frame uses excellent durable thickened aluminum alloy, and it's foldable. The pushchair with adjustable backrest. This luxury high landscape portable travel stroller is designed to provide your child with maximum comfort and safety during trips.

Key Benefits

【3-in-1 Versatile Baby Stroller 】With effortless adjustments, the stroller can be easily remodeled and can play multifunctional functions, which can fully meet the different needs of the baby.

【Excellent Durable Thickened Aluminum Alloy Frame And Independent Shock Absorption Frame】The stroller has excellent shock absorption, the frame uses an excellent durable thickened aluminum alloy with an independent shock absorption frame.

【Good-Quality Cotton Fabric】The stroller is made of high-quality cotton fabric, which is fashionable, water-absorbent, stain-resistant, and UV-resistant.

【High-View Design Foldable Design】With the high-view design, the stroller can fully expand your baby's horizons and give you the freedom to enjoy the view. With a folding design, the stroller can be easily folded.

【Dual Push Modes And Adjustable Multi-Angle Shed Ddesign】 The stroller has two push modes and an adjustable multi-angle shed design. The stroller can be adjusted to move back and forth, giving the baby a great view of the world and you can check it out at any time.

Six Gifts:Mummy bag, mattress, mosquito net, summer mat, Rain cover, foot cover3 in 2 baby stroller with six gifts

Product Features

Multifunctional baby stroller using
1) Baby cradle mode
2) Freestanding baby basket mode
3) Sleeping basket mode
4) Explore mode

Multifunctional baby stroller using


Easily folded baby stroller
Easy to fold: Simply fold the stroller with one hand.
Fast to fold: The stroller can be easily folded with only one second.

Easily folded baby stroller

Other Details Design

1. Two-way pushable:
(1) Let your baby watch you push forward
2) Let your baby face the world and enjoy beautiful scenery by pushing back.

2. Adjustable backrest angle, Continuous backrest adjustments from 100° to 180°
(1) Sitting mode
(2) Half-lying mode
(3) Lying down mode

3. High Landscape Baby Stroller: The stroller is 75 cm from the ground, and can be used as a dining chair

Two-way pushable stroller, Adjustable backrest angle, High Landscape Baby Stroller


4. Wide and comfortable sleeping basket: Make sure the baby sleeps comfortably. No fear of the baby coming out.

5. Warm in winter and cool in summer: Sleeping basket with ventilation and heat.
(1) Keep your baby warm in winter;
(2) Keep your baby cool in summer with the 3D ventilated design.

6. Shed with zipper: Keep ventilation with zippered canopy

Wide and comfortable sleeping basket,Warm in winter and cool in summer, Shed with zipper


7. Eve wheels: Large-diameter urban off-road EVA wheels, no fear of shock.

8. Four-wheel independent suspension system: Protect the baby with stability, and give the baby comfort, ensure the baby's safety.

9. Stable structure: Structural stability of the tripod, light robust, and portable.

Eve wheels, Four-wheel independent suspension system, Stable structure


10. Robust materials: Protect your baby with reinforced tubes. Protect your baby with stable bearing capacity. Protect your baby with strong elasticity.

11. One-foot brake: Easy to brake with one foot, safe and considerate.

12. Oversized storage basket: Plenty of storage with an oversized storage basket

Robust materials, One-foot brake, Oversized storage basket


13. 5-Point seat belt:Lock and unlock the seat belt with a key quickly and comfortably.

14. Removable handrail: Let your baby easily get in and out of the sleeping basket

15. Hand-stitched leather armrest, perfectly integrated, comfortable to touch, dirt-resistant, and easy to care for.

5-Point seat belt, Removable handrail, Hand-stitched leather armrest


Product Size

baby stroller size
baby stroller size

Product name

Baby Stroller for Toddler Foldable Pushchair


Aviation aluminum alloy, Eco-friendly linen and leather

Sleeping basket inner size


Safety car seat inner size


Seat from the ground


Baby stroller folded size


Suitable age

0-3 years old


Package List

1 × Baby Stroller
1 × Safety baby car seat
1 × mommy bag
1 × cushion
1 × mosquito net
1 ×summer mat
1 × rain cover
1 × and cold foot cover


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
The stroller storage basket is very spacious

The stroller storage basket is very spacious. I can fit everything I need for a day out with my baby.


It looks luxury. I honestly love this thing. I love how chunky the wheels are theyre not flimsy. Theyre rubber treated so its more like a jogging stroller
Minus the air in the tires. I love that it converts to a bassinet. So easy to put together. Im ready for the hospital! One thing I wish I did when I had my first child was to bring the stroller in. This will help bring everything into my room and out.

The quality is very good

The baby stroller has been received, and the delivery is very fast! Easy to install. The quality is very good, the baby likes it very much, and the color is also very beautiful.

Product Type

3 in 1 High-Landscape Stroller with Car Seat

Frame Material

Aluminum Alloy

Bassinet Material

Double Layers Quilted Linen

Wheel Type


Stroller Bassinet Inner Size


Safety Car Seat Inner Size


Stroller Folding Size


Net Weight of Stroller (with bassinet)


Net Weight of Car Seat


Suitable Age of Car Seat

0-15 Months



Suitable age

0-3 Years Old

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