How to Choose a Baby Stroller?

After having a baby, every family will become a "stroller owner"-owning at least one stroller.

Novice parents will do a lot of homework, hoping to pick a stroller that meets all needs. But after using it, they find it is impossible: I bought a high-view one, but found that it is not light enough to go out; I bought a simple and light one, but I feel that the functions are not enough...

As a result, I bought one after another, and it’s okay to take up space. The most annoying thing is that it’s not easy to use, which adds to the congestion.

How many baby strollers should you buy for your family? How to choose? Here we will help you how to choose a baby stroller.

Baby strollers


What Is the Difference Between High-View Stroller and Umbrella Stroller?

Although there are many names of baby strollers on the market, there are two types of strollers that are bought: lightweight umbrella strollers, and standard full-size strollers. What we often call high-view strollers are full-size baby strollers.

What Is the Difference Between High-View Stroller and Umbrella Stroller

About Full Size (High View) Stroller

The baby can use it from birth. It can be adapted to the matching the newborn sleeping basket, infant car seat, and baby seat.

Advantages: There are a variety of seats to choose from, which can be used by babies from birth to early childhood; good vision and high seat comfort.

Disadvantages: large size, heavy weight, not portable; some supporting seats have a short service life and low-cost performance.

It is suitable for families with elevators and infrequent long-distance travel with children.

About Full Size (High View) Stroller

Portable Lightweight Stroller

A lightweight, portable foldable stroller.
Advantages: After folding, the vehicle is small in size, light in weight, and portable; the price is relatively cheap.
Cons: Less comfortable ride, fewer shock absorbers, lower seat, not suitable for babies under 6 months.
It is suitable for families with older babies who often travel with their babies, or who often take their babies out alone.

If you often take your baby under 6 months out, you need a stroller with a nearly flat bassinet or a stroller that can hold a baby sleeping basket. When the baby is older, replace it with a high-view seat, the chair will last a long time.

When the baby grows up slowly, you can take the baby on a long trip, and then buy an umbrella stroller. This combination can basically meet various needs before the age of 3.

Portable Lightweight Stroller

How to Choose a Baby Stroller?

The strollers recommended on the Internet all look similar, and the models and series are dazzling. How to choose?

The strollers recommended on the Internet all look similar, and the models and series are dazzling. How to choose?

Generally speaking, in addition to the 3C certification and quality inspection report of the product, the design and material of the baby stroller are also related to the comfort of the baby and the smoothness of the adult's use.

We can comprehensively choose from five aspects: shock absorption effect, seat design, portability, control difficulty, and detailed design:


1. The Shock Absorption Effect is Good

A stroller with a good shock-absorbing effect will make parents more at ease and allow the baby to sleep better.
The shock-absorbing effect can be judged from two aspects: tire material and shock-absorbing system.

(1) Tire material: rubber > PU > EVA 

At present, there are three kinds of materials for good cart tires on the market. The rubber wheels are the ones with good performance, but the rubber wheels are heavy and cost more. Generally, in urban areas, the shock absorption effect of PU wheels is sufficient; EVA wheels are not as good in shock absorption, but they are better in wear resistance and skid resistance.

Tires are also divided into inflatable or solid tires, with or without embossing. inflatable tires are more "elastic" than solid tires, and have better shock absorption performance; embossed tires have better anti-skid force than non-embossed tires.

Tire material: rubber > PU > EVA

(2)Suspension system: the more the stable

There are many kinds of shock absorbers for baby strollers, the most common one is wheel spring shock absorbers. There are also frame shock absorbers and central suspension shock absorbers.

For strollers with wheel springs and shock absorbers, you should choose the one which contains more shock absorbers:
Two sets of each wheel are better than only one set;
Four wheels equipped with shock-absorbing springs are better than only two wheels equipped with shock-absorbing springs.

(Note, when buying, be sure to ask clearly whether it is a four-wheel spring shock absorber or four sets of spring shock absorbers. Don’t spend money on four-wheel shock absorbers, and result only get two-wheel shock absorbers.)

Suspension system: the more the stable

For baby strollers whose frame suspension system is the mainstay, it is enough to choose a triangular structure. Other self-developed frame suspension structures, such as Y-shaped, V-shaped, and double-C structures, have better shock absorption effects but are more expensive, you can choose according to your budget.

2. Reasonable seat design, easy for baby to sit and lie down

It is difficult to balance the portability and comfort of a stroller. You cannot use the seat standard of a high-view stroller to require a lightweight umbrella stroller. You only need to look at the seat design of the same type of stroller and compare and choose the best one.

The width of the cockpit should preferably be more than 32 cm, so that the baby can spread his arms and legs when he sleeps, or he can use it if he is fat or wears thick clothes.

The backrest of the seat is preferably an integrated backrest, which can well disperse the strength of the baby's back and protect the spine, but the backrest needs to be supported by a certain hardness and cannot be soft.

If the baby often sleeps in the stroller, the adjustable angle of the stroller backrest is best to choose a maximum elevation angle ≥ 170°. It is preferred that the seat's footrest is adjustable so that the baby can sit or lie down and have a place to put his feet.


3. Easy to Push and Folding

Wheel combination: front wheels are 360° rotate + rear wheel straight is optimal.

The 360° rotation front wheels are easy to maneuver, and the straight rear wheels can keep the body stable at all times. High-end strollers will also adopt a design with small front wheels and large rear wheels, which also makes the stroller more smooth and agile while maintaining stability.

One foot double brake is more convenient, single wheel brake is more stable
Most of strollers use a brake pedal in the middle of the rear wheel bearing, that is, the method of double brakes on the rear wheel, which is very convenient.

There is also a method of using four wheels to brake individually. Although it is not as convenient as a one-foot brake, you need to step on the brakes one by one, but it is more stable when you brake.

Easy to Push and Folding


4. The weight of the stroller and the convenience of storage

Look at the weight: If you live in a high-rise building without an elevator, choosing a stroller that is less than 7-8kg will be more convenient to carry up and down.

Look at the stroller folding method: one-handed folding, one-key folding, and others, so that it is convenient for one person to take the baby out.

In addition, you should also ask about the volume after folding. Most airlines‘’ carry-on luggage size is 55 cm long x 40 wide x 20 cm high, or the sum of length, width, and height does not exceed 115 cm.

If you don't consider boarding, the size that can fit in the trunk of your car is fine.


Detail Design

Five-point harnesses are safer than three-point harnesses.

Magnetic snaps are better than regular snaps.

The detachable handrail is more convenient.

Two-way push is easy to change the baby's field of vision.

For a family with a baby, a large storage basket will not be wasted.

The sun canopy should at least be waterproof and preferably sun-proof.

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