Things To Note When Using A Stroller

Baby strollers are the most commonly used "transportation" for parents to take their babies out. By putting the baby in the stroller, parents can not only free their hands, but the stroller also comes with a sunshade awning, storage basket, and mosquito net, which can protect the baby from the sun and the mosquitoes, and save parents energy. So when choosing a stroller that is easy to use and safe, parents need to pay attention to a few things.


Choose a stroller based on your baby’s age

Baby strollers can generally be divided into type A and type B. Type A strollers are suitable for babies over 2 months old. They are spacious, comfortable and can lie down. Type B strollers are generally used for babies over 6 months old. They are light and easy to carry. Some strollers also have matching safety baskets and lay-flat carrycot, which are more suitable for babies under 3 months old.


Check whether the seat belt is fastened

Use a seat belt whenever your baby is in the stroller to prevent your baby from climbing out of the stroller when parents aren't looking.


Check if the device is safe

Before using the stroller, parents should check whether the parts of the stroller are firm, whether the folding device is intact, and whether accessories such as storage bags, drink holders, and covers above the stroller are intact.


When pushing the cart, the front and rear wheels move forward simultaneously

When parents push the stroller with one hand, please keep the stroller moving smoothly and straightly. Never lift the front wheel, and use the rear wheel alone to push the stroller. This may cause it to tip over.


Keep rope objects away from baby

Do not hang any bags with ropes on the handles, and do not give your baby toys with long ropes to play with, to avoid strangulation of the baby's neck when playing with extensions or rope, which may cause the risk of suffocation.


Keep the car ventilated

Summer is relatively hot, so the stroller must be ventilated and do not cover the awning with clothes to block the sun. Otherwise, the temperature inside the stroller will be too high and there will be no ventilation, making the baby prone to heatstroke.


Baby strollers must be parked securely

Parents should always make sure they are next to the stroller when the baby is in it. When parking the stroller, apply the foot brake or take other precautions to ensure that the stroller does not slide into a dangerous place.

The above is the method and precautions for choosing a stroller.

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